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It is a privilege to have been made head boy of St. Joseph’s Boys’ School for the next academic year. It is a role that I have aspired to achieve from early on in my life at St. Joseph’s. I am humbled by the support from the teachers, as well as my family and friends in my effort to make head boy. I look forward to representing the school and being an ambassador both in the local and wider community, as well as working closely with the senior prefect team in improving and adding to St. Joseph’s already great image.

I certainly hope to be a very positive role model for the pupils in junior school as I recognise the importance the senior pupils have in setting an example for younger students. I hope they will see me as someone they can easily approach and bring any issues, suggestions and concerns. I would like to thank and commend Ruairi Campbell on the great job he did as head boy this last year and also a thank you to the prefect team who represented the school so greatly on many occasions.

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