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‘Night Fox’ cartoon spins off new chocolate venture

Do you remember ‘Night Fox’? He was cartoon character imagined by Year 8 Pupil, Stephen Doherty, and brought to life by ‘Dog Ear Productions’. Well, St Joseph’s Boys’ School has developed Stephen’s Night Fox idea even further by challenging the Year 10 HE students to design a wrapper for a ‘Night Fox Chocolate Bar’. The winning five pupils were selected from 140 pupils. Their prize was a trip to the North West Regional College (NWRC) development kitchen to develop a whole range of tasty chocolate treats. Under the watchful eye of master chocolatier, Ursula Murphy, the boys spent a few hours creating Belgium chocolate truffles, in a variety of flavours with various toppings. Bringing many tasty treats back to school the boys were enthused by the whole experience. A fantastic experience for the boys and it is evident they will be able to put some of the skills learned in the NWRC back into their Home Economics lessons. This is an excellent example of the secondary sector and further and higher education sector collaborating together to develop innovative ideas – a real sharing of best practice. A huge thank you goes to Ursula Murphy at NWRC for sharing her skills in the culinary craft with us and for facilitating this event and Kathleen McCaul, Head of School, for supporting this competition from the start.

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