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2016 James Boyle Creative Writing Competition

The pupils of St Joseph’s were invited to consider the life of Derry, past, present, future in a competition entitled, City Tales.

This is the second year of a competition kindly sponsored by Mr Terry Boyle (a past pupil of the school) and his family, in memory of their late father, James Boyle. We are very appreciative of the Boyle family’s continued support and the very generous prizes provided by them for the competition.

It has been our pleasure to oversee the competition within the English department. I would like to thank all the English teachers who helped the pupils to plan and write their entries. Thanks to all our writers for their creativity and enthusiasm for this competition.

The winners are

1st The Walls of hell by Jackson Gallagher

2nd 'Bubbles' by Sean Nelis

Highly Commended Seamus McLaughlin 'My Home', Darragh Stillman 'Volcano', Oisin O'Donnell 'Derry Dad', and Jim O'Brien 'The Birth of a Derry Man'.

Click on the story titles to read the story.

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