School Council

Current Membership

Chair - Glenn McGowan

Vice Chair - Oran white

Finance Officer - Emmet Collins

Secretary - Shea Gallagher

Senior School Representative's - Shay McDermott, Seamus McLaughlin

Junior School Representative's - Dylan Crossan

SMT Link - Mr G. Doherty

Teacher - Mr P. McCourt


The Objects of the Student Council shall be:

  • To designate elected Students as representatives of the school’s student body.

  • To feedback ideas / views / recommendations of the student body to the teacher / SMT link.

  • To generate ideas and campaigns to engage Students within and without the school.

Role of Student Members:

  • Chair – Is a current, year 14 student.  They set the agenda for meetings, delegate tasks, agree targets, agree dates for follow up meetings.  This should liaise with the school’s Head Boy, who acts as a representative of the school in formal public events.  The chair’s name is one of three names required to sign off financial decisions.

  • Vice-chair – Is a year 12 student.  They support the role of the Chair and step into their role in their absence.

  • Finance Officer – To manage the finances of the student council.  This is an elected student who is a current member of the school council. His name is one of three names required to sign off financial decisions.

  • Secretary – Is a current, year 13 student.  Their role is to record minutes of meetings, type them up and circulate with all members.  They must provide a copy of minutes for each meeting. 

Election of Student Representatives

  • Each year group’s year head shall arrange for the election of Student Representatives.

  • A pupil’s tenure / membership to the Student Council is from September to June for each academic year.

  • Pupils can be re-elected every year.


  • Student Council meetings should be held regularly to inform of updates and actions needed.

Role of SMT / Teacher Link

  • The SMT / Teacher Link aim to facilitate the Objects of the Student Council.  They aim to ensure the Voice of the Student Body is heard at SMT level. 

  • The SMT link teacher is one of three names required to sign off any financial decisions.



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