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St Joseph's Boys' School Presents...

The Adventures Of The Lone Moor Ranger 

Welcome to Our School

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Best school to support, nurture and understand your child’s needs and dreams

- Máire Farren, mum of Aodhan

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Our Aims

St Joseph’s Boys School values each pupil as a unique individual.

The ideal to which we aspire is contained in our Mission Statement:

“Achievement for all”

"To promote partnership, develop talents and encourage participation."

Enable all pupils to discover and develop their talents in relation to knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes in an environment wherein learning is an enjoyable experience.

Give all pupils the experience of a Catholic education

Further the working partnership between the school and the community

Enable pupils  to realise the importance of active participation in all relevant aspects of life and to encourage them to become responsible citizens.




The School Prayer

Thank you God for another day,

Thank you God for showing me the way,

Help me Lord to be fair and kind,

To always give others peace of mind.

Never dwell on what we have done,

God forgives us we are his sons,

Be my best in what I think, do and say,

Guide me Lord throughout this day.

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